Sunday Comics

I didn’t write this…

Sometimes I try to do something quickly and it does not work.  I just saw a wonderful post by the photographer Rebecca Cozart who is an artist in Silverton, Oregon and came over with her camera to visit my husband, Robert.

I wanted to share her wonderful pictures, so clicked on “share.”  Sadly, it did not give Rebecca’s source information and made it look like I had written the post.  So, I’m just going to link to the article here.  Later I will learn to re-blog correctly.

Click on “Light My Fire” to read her blog (and see the photos she took).

Laughter and Friends


A dear friend, Lucy MacDonald, sent me this image today.  The artist’s name is Vince Pezzaniti who sells his work through Society6. (Check him out!)

I had written this long and boring post about my frustration with greedy insurance companies, media using scare tactics about people addicted to pain meds, red tape, waiting lines, and doctors trying to balance all the pressures when trying to coordinate pain management.

This poster made me laugh.  Nothing makes me lose my sense of humor faster than pain, so her timing was perfect.

I deleted my original long and boring post and leave you with this image.

Whatever is going on in your life, I hope this little goldfish makes you laugh.