The Women That Contribute To Male Chauvinism

Yes, and Yes. I was also blessed to marry a man who fought his conditioning with intelligence and humor, as I continue to fight mine.

Petrichor and Clouds

A few weeks before my wedding, my mother decided to give me “the talk.” Now I know what you’re thinking but my mother is an Indian woman with her Indian sensibilities. Her opening line was, “If you dry roast all the masalas for a few minutes until the raw smell goes, the dish will taste better.”

Believe me, that’s no euphemism.

After her instructions on spicing up my (ahem) curries, she told me the following words to live by that I never lived by, “A man’s ego needs to be constantly stroked. Keep flattering him every now and then.” She further went on to add that there is no harm in apologizing at times even if he was at fault, because “men are like stubborn children” (well, I agree to some extent to that bit in quotes).

Luckily for me, the Mr. had by then seen me at…

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