#HoHoDooDa 2017 Day 11 post 8 — by the wonderful Linda Silvestri

Reindeer, that is!

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Please visit her website.  You will be glad you did.


HoHoDooDa 2017 — sketched out

The following guest blog is by Linda Sylvestri.  Her work shows up from time to time on my blog.  As I’m beginning to “deck the halls” and work through all the boxes and events, Linda’s work gives me a chuckle.


Oh hey! Announcing (last minute, as is tradition) the beginning of HoHoDooDa 2017 (or Holiday Doodle A Day!) If this tiny reindeer looks familiar, it may be because I’ve posted him in the past and he’s been nominated as spokescritter for this year. Oh and I realize they’re actually antlers, but antler-ments just didn’t really work. So, what […]

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Happy Thanksgiving! — sketched out

From the creative mind of Linda Silvestri…

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Guest Blogger –Time Travelling Owl — creartfuldodger

He was timeless, literally. He could flit in and out of the time space continuum at will. It was just the way he was hard-wired. He embraced his “exceptionality”. The ephemera: Antique French document circa 1800s; high quality reproduction of natural history illustration of an owl. The found objects: vintage watch movement; parts and dials; […]

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Leaves Leaving Trees


Hubs was out on a walk yesterday and brought home wonderful pictures of the colors around the neighborhood.  Folks are out raking, with some muttering under their breath “dang leaves.”  But the leaves are so spectacular, it’s hard to be mad at them for dressing up before they fall.





People are like stained-glass windows… — Lemon Shark

Guest Blogger, Lemon Shark, shares her reflection on a beautiful quote.

“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.” ~ Elisabeth Kübler-Ross It’s easy to sparkle and shine when there’s light in your life. When you reflect […]

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Friday humor — Zen Flash


I know this is not Friday, but Zen Flash’s blog post gave me a chuckle, so I’m passing it on.  Enjoy.


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