First Friday – Silverton, Oregon


January 5th will be the first Friday of the new year.  The artists, including my husband, Robert, will be pulling out all the stops to showcase their local talents.  Enjoy!


Squirrels Won’t Stay Still!


The other day I entered the dining room to find my dear husband, binoculars in hand, getting a close up of the squirrels and birds feasting a few yards past our deck.  Not satisfied with the details a smart phone picture would include.  He spent the morning shifting between his glasses and binoculars to practice some wildlife drawings.

Although admittedly biased, I think he did a lovely job!



Silverton, Oregon USA


Friday, December 1st is going to be a busier “First Friday” than usual because it will include the yearly tree lighting.  Many of the stores will be open late (7-4pm).

My husband is part of the Lunaria Gallery and many of the artists will be representing that night.  If you are nearby, join the fun!

If you won’t be in the area, you can still check out the gallery by clicking on their website:

*Poster created by Lunaria Artist: Rebecca Cozart


Robert has an article in “Country Pleasures”


My husband, Robert Fox, was featured in a magazine “Country Pleasures” focusing on Washington and Oregon.

Note: The author informed Robert that the paper put Silverton in Washington instead of Oregon and has already contacted the editors so they can rectify the error.

CP Magazine pg. 15

CP Magazine pg. 18

A “shout out” to Sarah Brentyn for translating the pdf’s to jpegs.  Thanks!!





In springtime, love is carried on the breeze.

Watch out for flying passion or kisses whizzing by your head.

      –Emma Racine deFleur


A friend…


A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart,

and can sing it back to you

when you have forgotten the words.

-Author Unknown


Lunaria – Spring Show


Jane Castelan Buccola and Robert Fox collaborated for Lunaria’s Spring Show.  Buccola, with her bold pastels, oils, and acrylic flowers looked lovely with Fox’s glass flowers.


“First Friday’s” at the Lunaria Gallery in Silverton, Oregon USA, was a big success as you can see from the smiles on the two artists featured.  Other artists were there and the entire gallery was decked out with samples of each artist’s work.


I was amazed by how beautiful the show was laid out with paintings and flowers sharing colors.


Love the driftwood used to show off a grouping of the flowers.  I was able to bring my favorite home, which is now hanging on our wall.

(Full disclosure, my husband is the glass artist. )