A cameo in my next book!

My children’s picture book, Bee Wars, will be published later this month. Like my other children’s books, A Gift at the Door and Bully Pie, I use photographs translated into cartoon-like images. The lovely tire horse (pictured above) has a cameo in several scenes in Bee Wars.

The swing holds special memories. My sister, Karen Bowman, first bought the swing for my parents who lived on a farm in Kansas. Grandchildren, cousins, and an occasional adult would ride this beauty in their side yard. A yard, I must say, that would put most parks to shame. When my parents passed, my sister graciously gifted the much-loved swing to my husband and me for our grandchildren. Although Karen is no longer with us, her gift of joy for the next generation flows through the memories of my grandchildren.

Inktober 2019 Day 2 – Mindless — Melanie Franz

(Here’s some fun… Go to your blog reader and type in “Inktober 2019” and you’ll find all kinds of fun folks who are challenging themselves with drawing a sketch a day for the entire month. I did it today and so many sketches caught my eye. This one, by Melanie Franz, made me smile. There are prompts that go with each day…but no two interpretations are the same. Try it! You can thank me later.

Inktober 2019 Day 2 – Mindless — Melanie Franz

Squirrels Won’t Stay Still!


The other day I entered the dining room to find my dear husband, binoculars in hand, getting a close up of the squirrels and birds feasting a few yards past our deck.  Not satisfied with the details a smart phone picture would include.  He spent the morning shifting between his glasses and binoculars to practice some wildlife drawings.

Although admittedly biased, I think he did a lovely job!



Silverton, Oregon USA


Friday, December 1st is going to be a busier “First Friday” than usual because it will include the yearly tree lighting.  Many of the stores will be open late (7-4pm).

My husband is part of the Lunaria Gallery and many of the artists will be representing that night.  If you are nearby, join the fun!

If you won’t be in the area, you can still check out the gallery by clicking on their website: www.lunariagallery.com

*Poster created by Lunaria Artist: Rebecca Cozart

Lunaria – Spring Show


Jane Castelan Buccola and Robert Fox collaborated for Lunaria’s Spring Show.  Buccola, with her bold pastels, oils, and acrylic flowers looked lovely with Fox’s glass flowers.


“First Friday’s” at the Lunaria Gallery in Silverton, Oregon USA, was a big success as you can see from the smiles on the two artists featured.  Other artists were there and the entire gallery was decked out with samples of each artist’s work.


I was amazed by how beautiful the show was laid out with paintings and flowers sharing colors.


Love the driftwood used to show off a grouping of the flowers.  I was able to bring my favorite home, which is now hanging on our wall.

(Full disclosure, my husband is the glass artist. )



Last year I interviewed an Australian artist who’s art caught my eye and delighted me.  The original interview is linked: Interview

Baines has a new show.  Check it out if you are in the area; there is also a video below about the exhibition.  This artist/activist is great to follow on twitter: @andrewsurreal


Andrew Baines, Small Dog Syndrome, Acrylic on canvas,                                                                    

Join us for the photo session & preview

‘4 Legs Good, 2 Legs Bad’

Andrew Baines

Preview Saturday March 11.
12-2pm Dogs on the Red Carpet, Photo Session
6-8pm Exhibition Opening preview

Sydney’s Soho galleries will be host to the galleries first  CANINE viewing of their latest exhibition, by surrealist artist Andrew Baines.

Dogs great & small have been cordially invited to attend their own special viewing at12pm on Saturday March the 11th.

As it’s a formal occasion owners will be asked to wear suits and have their dogs on leads. Doggy bits & water will be available for all four legged patrons & wine for two legs patrons.

Artist Andrew Baines was inspired to create a unique series of dog paintings after his recent photo shoot in Adelaide, where he asked suited owners to walk over 100 Dachshunds through public streets & traffic lights.

Clip  2017 Andrew Baines Exhibition

Exhibition wines sponsored by


Further exhibition details visit www.sohogalleries.net

Dates March 11 to April 7, 2017

Other current  exhibitions

ArtPark Australia Sculpture Exhibition at Woolloomooloo Wharf
Soho at Chifley Foyers, Group Exhibition
Soho at Headland Gallery Mosman, Andrew Baines Selected Works
Soho at Frame 88,  Willoughby,  Group Exhibition

Artmoney options visit www.artmoney.com.au