Autumn Fire


Days chill.

Hot summer colours fade.

Mother Earth paints with burnt ochre reds and yellow.

We walk through autumn fire.

–Adrian Young  (@AdrianYoung10)




Goldfish Diaries 03/04/16


Snail warns that to court favor with two males in one tank is like entering the opium parlour of Queen Victoria.


Friday Phrases (#FP) Theme “the opium parlour of Queen Victoria”

Illustration by Bobbi Bowman@2016 on iPad app “Drawing Pad”

Sunday Comics

Light My Fire

Robert will be at the State Fair this week! Rebecca did such a beautiful job of capturing his work place. Here’s her wonderful blog post. Enjoy

Eclectic Images

studio 6 I belong to a co-op gallery in Silverton, Oregon called Lunaria Gallery.  Each of the 25 artists are beyond talented and I feel so lucky each time I get to visit one of their studios. Since I’m a fine art photographer (and a pet photographer), I use outdoor light.  I own lots of lenses and several tripods but no big lights and ergo – no studio.  So I’m always fascinated by all the cool things artists use to create their work.

studio 3

The other day I went to Robert’s studio to photograph a glass mobile he is working on for a show the two of us will have at the gallery in April (more about that in my next post).  Robert spent thirty years as a welder and he uses that talent with flames to create whimsical glass pieces like mermaids and turtles as well as commissioned glass buttons and beautiful…

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Sunday Comics