February Ocean


Our February adventure at the coast was different in a number of ways.

First, we decided to stay over a Sunday and Monday night instead of a weekend, which changed the ebb and flow of tourists. On the drive out, most were “going home” driving in the opposite direction.

Secondly, while we are used to rain, we did not expect horizontal rain which turned our windows into camera filters.  I call this rain filter, “Monet” because it reminds me of paintings by Claude Monet.  The splashing against the windows was soothing and I think gave the ocean a dreamy effect.  Once the horizontal rain stopped, we had very clean windows.

Lastly, our usual eating spots were closed, so we explored different places.  While I like to hold up in the hotel (we paid for it, I want to BE in it) we took some trips to walk around the local mall and also eat at a famous landmark, Mo’s.


The food was good and the place uncrowded.  On Monday morning we ate at restaurant that had recently changed hands.  It was decked out with surf boards and nets…entitled “Macadangdang’s Reefside Bar and Grill.”  What a name!  We asked about the history of the word “macadangdang” but the new owners just shrugged and said, “It’s what the last owner called it.”

The service was friendly and the food hearty.  But that word – still a mystery.  A bit of advice: If you look up the word in the Urban dictionary, you may choose not to eat there.  I assure you, the food is fine.  The owners are about the get a smoker in and the menu will change to include BBQ. *happy dance*

While some things were different, there were many things the same.  Two little girls squealing as they chased the waves and were chased back.  Loads of soaring seagulls and floating black birds.  “Our” seal even made a showing.  We were worried we’d miss it.


Wednesday morning we arose at low tide to see all the branches, seaweed, and logs that the surf had left on the sand during the storm.

As we got ready to leave, I was reminded of my dad, who loved the ocean as I do.  He would say, “I wonder how long it would take for me to get tired of this view.”

I wonder that, too, dad.  I wonder that, too.

Sunday Comics

Valentine Lock


I surprised my sweetie with a little lock for Valentine’s day.  From time to time, we enjoy a cheesy Hallmark romance.  This month we watched “Love Locks” that noted a bridge in Paris where lovers would write their names on a lock, attach it to the bridge, then together toss the key.

So on Valentine’s day we watched the movie and at the end, I handed over the lock.  I love being goofy with my sweetie.



Sunday Comics

Sunday Comics


I credit my mother for my love of birthdays.  She tried to make each of us feel extra special.

On “our day,” we were able to set the menu for dinner.  For modern families with microwave this and instant that, many families eat what they want daily.  Not us.  This family of seven had dinner together daily and what was served was eaten.  So to pick the menu was a big deal!

I always picked fried shrimp and a can of black olives (I didn’t care what other green or starch was on the table).  Instead of cake for dessert, I chose mom’s exceptional pecan pie. I can still picture her standing over a small pan filled with oil, deep fry cooking battered shrimp that came frozen.  She would cook the shrimp in little batches and we would eat, swoon, and ask for more.

My two older sisters were born on the same day, exactly one year apart.  (Take that, history books.)  I’m sure they were not thrilled about sharing their special day. Still mom tried to make it special for each of them.  I only remember that on that day, there were two cakes or pies….whatever the birthday girls desired.

When the candles were lit, the singing began.  We sang the traditional birthday song, but in four part harmony.  There was nothing quite like it (Von Trapp family, move over).

Mom and  dad were a good team, but the kitchen was mom’s domain.  She made preparing meals a gift, and taught me to love birthdays.