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I credit my mother for my love of birthdays.  She tried to make each of us feel extra special.

On “our day,” we were able to set the menu for dinner.  For modern families with microwave this and instant that, many families eat what they want daily.  Not us.  This family of seven had dinner together daily and what was served was eaten.  So to pick the menu was a big deal!

I always picked fried shrimp and a can of black olives (I didn’t care what other green or starch was on the table).  Instead of cake for dessert, I chose mom’s exceptional pecan pie. I can still picture her standing over a small pan filled with oil, deep fry cooking battered shrimp that came frozen.  She would cook the shrimp in little batches and we would eat, swoon, and ask for more.

My two older sisters were born on the same day, exactly one year apart.  (Take that, history books.)  I’m sure they were not thrilled about sharing their special day. Still mom tried to make it special for each of them.  I only remember that on that day, there were two cakes or pies….whatever the birthday girls desired.

When the candles were lit, the singing began.  We sang the traditional birthday song, but in four part harmony.  There was nothing quite like it (Von Trapp family, move over).

Mom and  dad were a good team, but the kitchen was mom’s domain.  She made preparing meals a gift, and taught me to love birthdays.

Goldfish Diaries – Weekly


April 18th, 2014, Goldfish Diaries first appeared in a twitter word game #Friday Phrases. After more than a year of this lovely goldfish swimming around my imagination, popping up weekly on #Friday Phrases, I felt that the little one needed to come to life in cartoon form.

November 1st, 2015, you were introduced to Goldfish Diaries on this blog.  November 2nd unveiled the first cartoon.  Her story has been shared through cartoons twice a week since then.  Now time has caught up.  Instead of twice a week, Goldfish Diaries will be shared weekly.

I hope you continue to enjoy her adventures.

Sunday Comics

Reflecting on the Women’s March


Much has been written about the Women’s March on Washington, the day after inauguration.  People wrote about it if they were there or not, supported it or not.  My husband, my friend Susan, and I attended the Salem, Oregon march for as long as my health would allow.  It was worth it.

There was such a joyous feeling.  Strange, since this march was partly born from a woman’s sadness on election day.  To win the popular vote by so much then to lose through the electoral college….she felt helpless.  So she decided to do something.  She set up a facebook events page inviting people to march the day following inauguration.  The LA Times said she went to bed with 40 people joining and when she woke up, there were 10,000.  If there is ever a lesson on wondering if one person can make a difference, here’s a good example.


This is the first sign I saw, and it struck me as a fitting way to begin the march.  Love, not fear; bringing together, not pushing away. A sea of pink meant to me that we would stand up for those marginalized and insulted by our new president.  We would stand together.


I love this picture. (I did not take it.  I tried to find the photographer for acknowledgement.)  It was said to be taken at the Portland, Oregon march.  I am proud to say that throughout the country, there were no arrests, no destruction of property, and no break-out riots.

As I said before, for me it was joyous.  There was such hope in the air.  Women, men, children, and several doggies in attendance.  The young and the old, united to say….we are together.  We can make a difference together.  We are united with those across the country, even the world, to say that fear and hate will not win.  Not on our watch.