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mothers-day-717610_960_720by Gerd Altmann

Twitter’s 20 Year Review: 2009 – 2029

Twenty years ago, during the the embarrassing sports lawsuit of 2009, Twitter began to verify profiles of people and brands by placing blue checks in the bio to clarify the validity of who was posting on a particular account.

In the copyright solution of 2017, Twitter created an upgrade that would delete the tweet of anyone posting a stolen tweet without proper attribution.  Writers and comedians hailed this a success while bots declined in number and use. (They were not missed.)

January 2019, two years after the copyright upgrade , Twitter made amazing strides researching its content.  It appeared that, in comparing the general population vs twitter users, the percent of people having “a bad day” did not add up.  More studies followed.

Last week’s upgrade of 2029 uses the symbol of the blue check to validate the authenticity of each individual tweet.  Twitter’s advanced brain cell to phone cell (C-C) technology authenticates (true or real) tweets vs those created to sell, shock, or manipulate.  Trolls were particularly complex since some only wanted attention or to stir up drama (no blue check) while others were sincerely deluded (blue check).  Twitter feels this is important information for readers who wanted to know to engage or block.

Presently, Twitter’s C-C technology, which finally works with the iwatch, is studying the heart symbol.  It used to mean “favorite” but functionally is used as “yeah, I read it.”

As always, we’re here to unpack future updates.

Sunday Comics

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