Goldfish Diaries 11/04/16


Asked boys about my baby eggs.

“They were out of time, of course.”

Of course??

Not even Snail knows what that means.

Friday Phrases (#FP) Theme “out of time”

Illustration by Bobbi Bowman@2016 on iPad app “Drawing Pad”


December Ocean


Our third monthly trip to the coast is a rare view of the winter ocean since we rarely come over so close to Christmas.  First, I’m not so keen about traveling the pass if we have to use chains.  Second, the list of “to do’s” for Christmas is getting rather long.  Are we crazy to take off three days the week before?

We are committed to our “Year at the Coast” as explained in an earlier blog.  Off we go, chains in the trunk.

We arrive to a gray sky, but the 45 degrees make the place seem downright balmy!  Instead of seagulls hogging the sand, there are these black birds sitting between the first and second waves.  HUNDREDS of them….just sitting there.  Dawn to dusk  Anyone who knows bird habits may have a clue to these little sturdy birds.

I watch the waves as the “to do” list melts away.  We enjoy three days of art work and reading.  The TV is rarely on and we don’t take any day trips.  We simply relax.


Robert sketches waves while I work on my “Goldfish Diaries” cartoon series.  Later we switch out to books, then back to art.  What bliss.


I get up early on the last day to watch the ocean at sunrise.  Since we face the Pacific on the west coast, the sun rises in back of us.  However, the ocean changes as the sun rises and begins to peek over our hotel.  It hits one wave at a time turning it a glowing white until the sun is high enough to  turn all the waves white.  A wonderful, slow, peaceful transition.

What an incredible winter holiday.

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