Sunday Comics

Little Changes–Big Results


Since my knee surgery, I have not been able to easily leave by the front door without assistance.  At first I could only leave through the garage using grab bars.  Once I was able to leave by the front door, it was a little scary….I had to crab-walk my way down the three steps. (Hard to do that and look elegant, trust me on this.)

The weather finally cooperated so that my husband could cut, grind, weld, etc. a simple stylish handrail.  We didn’t want anything with curls because it would not really go with the brick flower boxes in front of the house.

I must say, being able to take the steps on my own give me a sense of accomplishment. Now I don’t exactly “fly” down the steps, but I can take the stairs confidently.  A shout out to my husband who can build/create anything.

Sunday Comics

Christmas Pleasures


A few years back, my husband decided to challenge himself by creating a beautiful pastel using angels and things around the house and yard.  He brought in boughs and rose cones from our backyard cedar.   I collected some angels, candles, and ornaments and organized the still life.  It took him days (weeks?) to do the pastel, but once framed, takes center stage over the mantle each Christmas.

As we unpack the angels, my favorite task is to dress the mantle.  I like to place the three angels used in the still life near his art piece.


I remember sharing last year’s mantel in this blog. (Added it below)  It is about the same….little changes.  But still I keep the three angels nestled around the pastel my husband lovingly created for our home.