Squirrels Won’t Stay Still!


The other day I entered the dining room to find my dear husband, binoculars in hand, getting a close up of the squirrels and birds feasting a few yards past our deck.  Not satisfied with the details a smart phone picture would include.  He spent the morning shifting between his glasses and binoculars to practice some wildlife drawings.

Although admittedly biased, I think he did a lovely job!




HoHoDooDa 2017 — sketched out

The following guest blog is by Linda Sylvestri.  Her work shows up from time to time on my blog.  As I’m beginning to “deck the halls” and work through all the boxes and events, Linda’s work gives me a chuckle.


Oh hey! Announcing (last minute, as is tradition) the beginning of HoHoDooDa 2017 (or Holiday Doodle A Day!) If this tiny reindeer looks familiar, it may be because I’ve posted him in the past and he’s been nominated as spokescritter for this year. Oh and I realize they’re actually antlers, but antler-ments just didn’t really work. So, what […]

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Guest Blogger –Time Travelling Owl — creartfuldodger

He was timeless, literally. He could flit in and out of the time space continuum at will. It was just the way he was hard-wired. He embraced his “exceptionality”. The ephemera: Antique French document circa 1800s; high quality reproduction of natural history illustration of an owl. The found objects: vintage watch movement; parts and dials; […]

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Robert has an article in “Country Pleasures”


My husband, Robert Fox, was featured in a magazine “Country Pleasures” focusing on Washington and Oregon.

Note: The author informed Robert that the paper put Silverton in Washington instead of Oregon and has already contacted the editors so they can rectify the error.

CP Magazine pg. 15

CP Magazine pg. 18

A “shout out” to Sarah Brentyn for translating the pdf’s to jpegs.  Thanks!!



Sunshine and Color


During the month of May, Schreiner’s Gardens opens its doors (really, its yards) to the public.  My husband and I spent a lovely sunny afternoon strolling through the gardens. We picked two flowers from the HUNDREDS.  They will be dug up in June and mailed to us.  We figured that if we make this trip a tradition and buy two flowers each time, we can have quite a spread.




Summer Blooms


As spring moves to summer, I change the mantel from Easter themed to colors that are equally bright, yet different.  The picture is a colored pencil drawing by my husband.  On either side is his handiwork as well.  A mantel of roses, irises, bamboo, and a peony.

Amazing what flowers can do for a space.  It is definitely glamour time for the living room.


A friend…


A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart,

and can sing it back to you

when you have forgotten the words.

-Author Unknown