S4S: Glorious Goldies by @bobbibowwoman — Friday Phrases!

“Interview with the Author of Goldfish Diaries” Bobbi Bowman here, sitting down with the author of Goldfish Diaries. Well, I’m sitting and our lovely guest is in her tank. Many have been curious about her tweets. Bobbi: What inspired you to tweet? Goldfish: I wasn’t tweeting at all. I was journaling. B: Then how did…

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Sunday Comics

Sunday Comics

A Man, A Dog and a Hummingbird — sanseilife

I came upon this post by Paula Matsumoto (www.sanseilife.wordpress.com) and found the video charming. My parents passed on their wonderment when it came to hummingbirds (and many creatures roaming around their acreage in Kansas).  Mom and dad would sit quietly on the porch in the early morning or the late evening at watch the hummingbirds feed.  Their code, when a hummingbird was near, was to make a “hummmm” sound yet stay very still as not to startle the feeders.

Enjoy the video Paula found and passed on in her blog:

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