Goldfish Diaries 05/06/16


A silent storm passes Snail’s face as she watches the two boy fish wrestle and flip grime on her glistening tank walls.

Friday Phrases (#FP) Theme “silent storm”

Illustration by Bobbi Bowman@2016 on iPad app “Drawing Pad”

S4S: Glorious Goldies by @bobbibowwoman — Friday Phrases!

“Interview with the Author of Goldfish Diaries” Bobbi Bowman here, sitting down with the author of Goldfish Diaries. Well, I’m sitting and our lovely guest is in her tank. Many have been curious about her tweets. Bobbi: What inspired you to tweet? Goldfish: I wasn’t tweeting at all. I was journaling. B: Then how did…

via S4S: Glorious Goldies by @bobbibowwoman — Friday Phrases!

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