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Goldfish Diaries 04/08/16


Wish I had the discipline of Snail who takes such pride in the everlasting back and forth of cleaning the tank 24/7.

Friday Phrases (#FP) Theme “everlasting”

Illustration by Bobbi Bowman@2016 on iPad app “Drawing Pad”

A Man, A Dog and a Hummingbird — sanseilife

I came upon this post by Paula Matsumoto ( and found the video charming. My parents passed on their wonderment when it came to hummingbirds (and many creatures roaming around their acreage in Kansas).  Mom and dad would sit quietly on the porch in the early morning or the late evening at watch the hummingbirds feed.  Their code, when a hummingbird was near, was to make a “hummmm” sound yet stay very still as not to startle the feeders.

Enjoy the video Paula found and passed on in her blog:

via A Man, A Dog and a Hummingbird — sanseilife

Sunday Comics

Back to school…


It’s September and I’m pulled by the whisper “back to school, back to school.”

Most consider New Years Eve/Day the start of a new year. (I mean, it’s in the name.)  But for me, that’s just another party.  The REAL new year starts in September.

When I was young September meant fresh lined paper, big orange erasers, pencils and glue. Ooooo and that crayon box.  As I grew older it meant seeing my friends again, new clothes, spiral notebooks and pens. College life was packed with new adventures but still had the same rhythms.

As I transitioned from student to instructor many of my supplies were purchased by the University or college.  Yet there were always special items here or there purchased for the pure joy of a new year (I’m looking at you, multi-colored post-it notes).

I’m retired now. Education was my calling.  It was hard and exhausting, joyful and exhilarating in equal parts. While it was never EVER easy, I still felt lucky to be able to earn a living by doing something I loved. Early retirement was a choice I don’t regret. As much as I loved teaching, it was time for me to pass the baton to others with the passion to teach.

Still, it’s September and I hear the whisper “back to school.”