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Deborah Unger – Feature Artist

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Deborah Unger: Featured Artist

Wood sculpture, Printmaking

Home: Mt. Angel, Oregon, USA



During a recent visit to Lunaria, a lovely gallery in Silverton, Oregon, I came face to face with delicately carved figures with hand sewn clothes.  I was struck by the artist’s ability to combine realism with metaphor.  Each sculpture was a short story…and at the same time open to interpretation.

I contacted the artist, Deborah Unger, who was willing to be this month’s featured artist.

Do you have any early memories of doing art?

Growing up, I always enjoyed drawing.  I remember drawing a fish in a fishbowl with a crayon and for some reason, I believe I was four at the time.

You have always enjoyed drawing.  Did this enjoyment lead you to taking courses in art?

I received a Bachelor’s of Fine Art from Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon.  My major was in printmaking.

Printmaking?  How interesting, because your sculptures are very far from printmaking.  What lead you to that transition?

After graduating I moved to Germany and didn’t have facilities to do printmaking so I tried other media. And though I never considered myself a sculptor, three-dimensional work, particularly Gothic sculpture and altarpieces increasingly compelled me. One day I was in an art supply store and found a piece of linden wood so I bought it and tried my hand at carving. On my first attempt, I was trying so hard to coax a figure out of the wood that I didn’t really leave enough for clothing. Since I sew, I just made her a dress. So I guess I am a trained artist but a self-taught wood carver.

I love that story.  I feel artists will create art with whatever is handy and speaks to them.  Where do you get your ideas?

Because my art is metaphoric and more about the idea than the execution or process, inspiration is key. Sometimes an idea comes as a flash of an image relating to something I’m thinking about. Sometimes it’s a phrase that evokes an image. But sometimes inspiration needs to be helped along. If I need more ideas for work than come easily to me, I think about different images I find evocative and put them together. Often I add something I have a fear of, like fire or heights. That juxtaposing can spark ideas.

From how you talk about the ideas, it seems as if your metaphors or messages are very personal.  Do you collaborate on art projects or mostly work alone?

As most artists do, I work alone. I’ve always thought how strange it feels to make something that can be intensely personal, essentially in secret, and then bring it out to show people. You have to get to that point where you don’t take rejection of it personally, even though what you’ve created is very personal.

There are times when I wish I had some feedback while I’m working. It can help you see things you’ve missed in your own work but it can also lead second-guessing and losing your vision so it’s a bit of a double-edged sword.

Would you be willing to share a few of your works and a little about them?

“The Changeling”

I find mythical creatures which are part human part animal very interesting and think lend themselves nicely to metaphor. That is how The Changeling came about. I was wanting to do some kind of hybrid when “Buck Boy” came to me. As is typical with the way I work, the image comes first and I figure out what it means later. The meaning is clear to me on this one since at the time my son was a teenager.

Unger-The Changeling (1)

I noticed that many of your sculptures have to do with male and female relationships.

 “Hanging On”

This sculpture combines images which I commonly use; houses, relationships between men and women and heights.

 Hanging On (1)

“Blind Leading the Blind”

I’m not sure anymore what made me think of piggy back rides and someone covering your eyes, but suddenly it had a slightly uncomfortable aspect to me.  The not being able to see was what I think it was, so I thought it would be interesting if neither one could see. I think this is a metaphor for relationships in that you never know what’s ahead of you and also about how we handicap those in our lives and ourselves.

Blind Leading the Blind (1)

Thank you, Deborah, for sharing your art work and letting us peek behind the curtain of your inspiration.  Thank you for being this month’s featured artist.


Sunday Comics

Sunday Comics


I won the lottery!!

With all the hype about this most recent lottery, I’ve reflected on my personal winnings.  I’ve been lucky enough to watch my two step sons grow to be fine men, husbands, and dads.  I hit the jackpot when it comes to my daughter-in-laws…such fine women, wives, and moms.

Robert and I live in the same town as our four grandbabies and have the honor of seeming them often.

Recently with my Robert in a cast and my own tumble on ice, there have been a few tasks that we’ve not been able to do.  While I know our kids a super busy, I texted out a number of things we needed.  Instantly my phone was beeping with “consider it done” “no problem” and the like.

They were as good as their word and brought treats, changed light bulbs, stored boxes in the attic, took down outside lights, and basically did things that were too high or too heavy for me to do alone.

This morning my battery was dead.  The trickle charge that my step son and daughter-in-law helped set up for me the night before did not work (because the battery was beyond help).  So my daughter-in-law left work to jump the car and then follow me to the battery store.

Such blessings.  Instead of “making it rain” with money, they have showered us with such love, trust, support, and thoughtfulness that we feel we’ve hit it big!



Winter – Rest


The living room mantle is the focal point of our small living room.  During Christmas my angel collection comes out of the attic and the living room explodes with color and dozens of winged creatures.  Tiles, sculptures, pillows, wall hangings….all filled with angels (I stopped counting after 150).  I enjoy seeing them and more than a few have their own stories.

While the Christmas season is filled with its own energy of smells, sounds, and images…time does not stand still.

The new year comes, angels are boxed and returned to the attic, and the living room opens up.

I decorate the mantle differently for the deepest part of winter.


Calm, classic, beautiful.  Restful to the eyes.

Welcome winter!


Sunday Comics


Update on Robert

Robert (Hubs) fell December 17th on a very wet rug at the bottom of the steps off the deck.  He fell in a twisty sort of way which allowed him to land on his own leg.  This was not as fun as it may seem.

So many have sent well wishes, I thought I’d take a moment for an update.

January 4th, 19 days after the accident (which included three trips to the chiropractor, one trip to his MD, and two sets of X-rays) it was confirmed by a specialist that Robert had two fractures.

One above his heel.


and the other below his knee


Robert was promptly (after 19 days) put in a cast.



Although it is a hard cast, Robert cannot put any weight on it for the next four weeks.  At that time they will remove the cast and X-ray him again to see if his bones have healed as planned.  If they have improved, he MAY be able to advance to a walking boot. The ankle is completely encased and the fracture in the knee is stabilized by the cast.


He’s pretty good on crutches, but is very frustrated that he cannot work his usual shifts. He’s such a good patient.  The only time he really freaked out was when we crossed a parking lot (make that a skating rink) where I did a not-so-graceful flop on the asphalt.  He had to go for help instead of helping me himself.  He hated that.

We’re both on the mend, but walking around the house feeling very, very old.  (I don’t know if I really added enough “very’s” to that sentence.)

Thank you all for your prayers, chants, texts, emails, tweets, and posts.  They have lifted our spirits.



The website often inspires me to try new things.  This holiday I melted peppermint candies.  It really helps to have a special stick-free Silpat mat.  I attempted to make a peppermint tray, but didn’t keep my eye on the oven and the edges started to over-melt.  So I slid the mat over a bowl which I had turned upside down on the counter and formed, through gravity, a lovely bowl.

I also made some large candy canes.


I had also read how to turn tiny candy canes into hearts.  I used some saved chopsticks to make hot chocolate stirs.


They made the table festive.


Lastly, I purchased some peppermint bark from a local Costco and piled it, along with the big candy canes, into my bowl.  Festive dessert.