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Update on Robert

Robert (Hubs) fell December 17th on a very wet rug at the bottom of the steps off the deck.  He fell in a twisty sort of way which allowed him to land on his own leg.  This was not as fun as it may seem.

So many have sent well wishes, I thought I’d take a moment for an update.

January 4th, 19 days after the accident (which included three trips to the chiropractor, one trip to his MD, and two sets of X-rays) it was confirmed by a specialist that Robert had two fractures.

One above his heel.


and the other below his knee


Robert was promptly (after 19 days) put in a cast.



Although it is a hard cast, Robert cannot put any weight on it for the next four weeks.  At that time they will remove the cast and X-ray him again to see if his bones have healed as planned.  If they have improved, he MAY be able to advance to a walking boot. The ankle is completely encased and the fracture in the knee is stabilized by the cast.


He’s pretty good on crutches, but is very frustrated that he cannot work his usual shifts. He’s such a good patient.  The only time he really freaked out was when we crossed a parking lot (make that a skating rink) where I did a not-so-graceful flop on the asphalt.  He had to go for help instead of helping me himself.  He hated that.

We’re both on the mend, but walking around the house feeling very, very old.  (I don’t know if I really added enough “very’s” to that sentence.)

Thank you all for your prayers, chants, texts, emails, tweets, and posts.  They have lifted our spirits.



The website often inspires me to try new things.  This holiday I melted peppermint candies.  It really helps to have a special stick-free Silpat mat.  I attempted to make a peppermint tray, but didn’t keep my eye on the oven and the edges started to over-melt.  So I slid the mat over a bowl which I had turned upside down on the counter and formed, through gravity, a lovely bowl.

I also made some large candy canes.


I had also read how to turn tiny candy canes into hearts.  I used some saved chopsticks to make hot chocolate stirs.


They made the table festive.


Lastly, I purchased some peppermint bark from a local Costco and piled it, along with the big candy canes, into my bowl.  Festive dessert.


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