Autumn reflection (Dog Paddling in Sheep Soup)

Great memories, well shared. Thank you.

The world according to Godistricksy

There’s a lot of prosy autumnal stuff floating around t’interweb. Snippets of ochre gush about leaves and colour and such. And I’m as guilty as any doodling amateur scribe. Latching onto the mood of the moment. The richness of the season.


Any hoo. Today is Thursday. It’s mid September (careful) and tomorrow is Friday.

As I get older, my memories of childhood become more vivid. The veil of time is lifting and sweet childlike moments of innocence and wonder pop into my mind.


It’s pretty cool. All the faces I knew when I was growing up are suddenly quite alive. Standing beside me. Tutting or cooing. Chasing me. Nipping. Kissing.

Pearls of wisdom and nuggets of madness from faces I’d forgotten. Most of them dead. Rat fodder.

As a child, my siblings and cousins and I had the run of an enchanted glen…

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