4th of July


Time for a mantel upgrade.  Big fixin’s on the 4th.  It’s a double celebration.  My daughter-in-law was born on the 4th.  How great is that.  Of course as a child she figured all those parades and fireworks were for her.

We were lucky enough to have four generations of family and friends. The water balloon fight was in the back yard. We then feasted on the usual outdoor grill fare.  After dinner, we honored the birthday gal with a song and the opening of gifts. Next a private firework show.

In Oregon, it’s against the law to have flying fire works.  Most of the “showers” are placed on the ground.  Someone came up with the idea of putting them on a ladder.  Oh, you cannot believe what a difference it made.  We clapped, ooooooded and ahhhhhhed until we were done. What fun!


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