Swinging in the New Year



This Christmas, Santa brought our backyard a swing.  It was not an ordinary swing.  I’d call it “the swing of all swings.”


Hubs and I put the swing together the night before.  Honestly, he put it together and I handed him the parts.


The kiddos were so excited, they had to be dragged back in to open gifts.  Beat that!

Full disclosure, I own NO stock in HearthSong, but if you have kids or grandchildren, check out their catalog or website.  Hearthsong.com

2 thoughts on “Swinging in the New Year

    • bobbibowwoman January 10, 2017 / 11:16 pm

      I tell you, we even had some adults on it. It holds 400 lbs. One thing, we had to take it down if nights dip to 40 degrees, so we have it in the garage until spring. Right now our nights are below freezing. Can’t wait for spring! It’s like a hammock that swings a up and down instead of back and forth.


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