April Ocean


I got such a feeling of “home” when we check into our room at the Sandcastle in Lincoln City, Oregon.  The curtains are pulled back and I am once again in love with the ocean.

Friday was all sunshine and white wispy clouds.  The ocean was jewel colored and slow moving.  We got to town early and visited family having a reunion on the north side of town, high on a hill with a breathtaking view.  We got a tour of the house, chatted a while, and then hugs all ’round before heading to the next adventure.

On PBS, we learned of a art community nearby.  It was a lovely day for a drive, so we took off outside Otis and wound our way to the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology.  This lovely plot of land has a cluster of studios where people come to do workshops or residencies in a variety of mediums.  Robert and I enjoyed walking the grounds and chatting with a couple of the folks there.

Returning to the ocean we enjoyed the afternoon watching beachcombers and kite fliers, more than last month.  As the sun started setting, I marveled at how often the sky changed and how the ocean responded in its reflection.


Saturday and Sunday showed us a different side to the coast.  The rains came and the wind blew so hard mist rose from the whitecaps.  As much as the I love the ocean, this month I paid attention to the sky.  To say the coast was cloudy or gray would be oversimplification.


There were 100 shades of gray, clouds moving fast and slow.  Instead of deep blue, the ocean was the same gray as the sky.  Were it not for the sandy beach, I would swear I was watching an old black and white movie.  Stripped of color, the sky and ocean came alive with movement.

Our April visit was the same and different as the visits before.  The ocean, rain or shine, is ever faithful as a charger for my spiritual battery.  On the way out of town the traffic was noticeably heavier.  Ah….so this is what April traffic looks like in Lincoln City.  The quiet season is over.  Now the town begins to come alive.

Worth every minute.

P.S.  I was comforted to spot “our” seal again this month.


5 thoughts on “April Ocean

  1. Sarah Brentyn May 2, 2017 / 9:36 am

    Beautiful photos (even the grey day). So happy you relaxed and enjoyed (and saw your seal)! 🙂


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