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I fool myself into thinking I’ve cleaned the house when everything looks good, but the drawers are filled with stacks.  Lately I have been trying to live a more organized life, going through papers and deciding where they belong:  Keep, recycle, shred, burn.

Last night I carried a bundle of paper to my husband with the question, “What is this and why do we have it?”  (We had no idea.)

Why are piles so appealing to me.  I once read that when you bring the mail in, touch everything once.  Decide to recycle, toss, or keep for later bill paying or answering.  That sounded like heaven, but I never seemed to get there.  When papers pile up, I tend to move them around and begin a new pile.

Sometimes while going through a pile you find a treasure.  I found a handwritten note from my mom taped to a special prayer my dad had written.  Actually, I found two.  With that mix of sadness and delight, I slipped the messages into a plastic protector.  Keep.

My journey continues….going through stacks.

Are you a stacker, a tosser, or organized?  What are your best tips for my project?  Would love to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “Piles

  1. ghostmmnc June 29, 2017 / 4:40 pm

    Sounds like me! I make paper piles all over the place. It’s a family joke, my piles. You’re so right, about finding a long lost treasure in there. 🙂


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