Whirled peas



Whenever we order something, we often get the question, “Will there be anything else?”

My husband’s answer is almost always, “Yes, World Peace.”

This almost always catches cashiers by surprise, since they don’t know if they have heard him right.  So while I cover my face with my hands, my husband cheerfully repeats, “I’d like World Peace, please.”  The cashiers, while not amused, are usually patient.

Robert is a regular of “Joe Mocha” in Salem where he has used this “World Peace” response with the wait-staff enough times that he came home yesterday proudly displaying his coffee cup.

“Whirled Peas”

Made his day.




6 thoughts on “Whirled peas

    • bobbibowwoman March 12, 2016 / 10:15 pm

      Thanks. It’s always good to shop local and become a regular.


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