Enjoy the moments…


This is just silly.  Yes.  I embrace silly.  I need as much silly in my life as possible.

Monday I learned that the ashes of a twitter friend were being spread by her family.  You may think…”twitter friend?” How do you bond with someone you have never met? I can’t explain it, but as one shares daily…it just happens and the loss is felt.

The very same Monday I attended a ‘Celebration of Life’ service for a co-worker of mine who died suddenly at 42.  Full of life and adventure one day and then just gone the next.

So, I’m okay with silly.  I want to enjoy adventures NOW and not put them off.  I want to show my appreciation to those around me (face to face and online).  I want to savor the quiet spaces and notice the beauty around me every day.

Enjoy the moments…


2 thoughts on “Enjoy the moments…

  1. Sarah Brentyn July 16, 2017 / 10:43 am

    Yes, lovely lady, enjoy the silliness. We have to. As far as online “friendships” go, I will not ask how you bond. There is a bond. I’m old. Ish. I did not grow up in this digital world. And, yet, there are bonds that form. I know not how. But I know it to be true. And, if you are speaking of the same “twitter friend”, I wasn’t even that close with her but was heartbroken over this news. I “saw” her and shared micro with her almost weekly for over two years.

    Embrace your silliness. ❤


    • bobbibowwoman July 19, 2017 / 2:08 pm

      I’m sure we are talking about the same person…
      I will miss her on Friday Phrases. I’m taking a break from it….but still read FP posts from time to time.
      I do like your phrase “Embrace your silliness.” and think it is great meme inspiration. 🙂


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