Enjoy the moments…


This is just silly.  Yes.  I embrace silly.  I need as much silly in my life as possible.

Monday I learned that the ashes of a twitter friend were being spread by her family.  You may think…”twitter friend?” How do you bond with someone you have never met? I can’t explain it, but as one shares daily…it just happens and the loss is felt.

The very same Monday I attended a ‘Celebration of Life’ service for a co-worker of mine who died suddenly at 42.  Full of life and adventure one day and then just gone the next.

So, I’m okay with silly.  I want to enjoy adventures NOW and not put them off.  I want to show my appreciation to those around me (face to face and online).  I want to savor the quiet spaces and notice the beauty around me every day.

Enjoy the moments…


Sunday Comics

Happy 4th


Oregon – yup

Caught sight of this uniquely colored flag as we were zipping around town getting ready for the big party on the 4th.

There were plenty of red, white and blue flags in the wind, I just thought this was clever. To be honest, I’d rather have neighbors smoking than drinking while setting off fireworks near our house!

Be safe out there.


Sunday Comics