Welcome, Autumn


A Saturday Market flower booth, abundant in colors, remind me of autumn.  Time for a mantle change.  The heat of summer and the smoke of nearby forest fires let us know we are still in summer.  I long for the cool rains of autumn to fall, and will decorate accordingly.


Ahhhhh…. autumn is right around the corner.  Believe!

Sunday Comics

Eagle Creek Fire


Photograph and poem by Emily Bittel

Eagle Creek Fire  2017

I breathe, and smoke fills my lungs.

The forest I love is burning –

The place we first backpacked together.

The senseless loss is staggering.


What will be left when the burning is done?

We will shuffle through ash

Shake it from our socks into little piles on the floor of the tent.


Perhaps our grandchildren’s children

Will gaze up with wonder

At the lofty heights of the douglas fir

Through the filter of vibrant vine maple.


I pray for rain as the ash drifts down from the sky

Flakes of a forest I once knew

The last time light will shift through its leaves.

Head in my arms, I cry


Maybe, just maybe, my tears will water the desolation.


I thank Emily for sharing her personal poem.  Below is a picture from katutv, a split screen of what the Bonneville Dam looks like normally, and now during the fire.  My heart goes out to all those working the PNW fires, the critters who make the forests their home, and the forests themselves.  Photo: National Coast Trail Association


Costco is Cool


If you are around me long enough, somehow, somewhere, the store “Costco” will work its way into the conversation.  Yup, I love Costco.  Sure you have to be careful and not buy 60 pairs of white socks, but if you shop around you’ll find some great deals.

What does this have to do with the picture of this stranger on a sofa pretending Costco is his living room?  Well, we have had several days of record breaking heat in Salem, Oregon.  When I say record breaking, I mean….since temperatures were written down and kept…record breaking.

Hubs and I zipped over to pick up a few items during one of those three digit days and caught this gentlemen beating the heat in the air conditioned store.

Wonder if he comes with the sofa.

Sunday Comics