I am Lightening


Birthday party costume — crafting fun

A quick trip though a fabric store (silver material) and a scrapbooking department (for two sheets of glitter paper) was all I needed for this terrifying costume.

I already had the plastic nails (doesn’t everyone), and only needed to paint the nail part silver.


What took the longest was drawing out lightening bolts and cutting them from the two glitter papers stuck together.  I did all sizes of bolts.  Two bolts were connected to a ring, which secured the cape.


Small lightening bolts were taped onto an old bracelet.


The hardest part was making the earrings, which I combined with crystals to add some extra sparkle.


The crowning glory (pun intended) was three bolts punched and woven with a sparkle pipe cleaner around an old plastic tiara.  We all have those lying around, right?

I dressed in black and had a blast (there’s another pun for ya) at the party.

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