Time for a change…


Through the seasons I’ve been sharing my mantel place with you.  For years, I only had two mantel decorations.  One was Christmas, and the other was for the remaining 11 months of the year.  I’m the type of decorator who does not change a great deal.  I set up the room, and then it’s that way for the next several decades.  Birthday cards or flowers come and go….but it mostly stays the same.

The last few years I’ve noticed a change.  For some unknown reason, I’ve wanted to reflect either the seasons outside or the mood within.

Outside my window the rhododendrons and azaleas paint most lawns with amazing colors from pale pink to blood red.  Trees bloom, and the irises amaze.  I have bamboo and azaleas from the front yard, but the rest in warm browns.


To the left is an elephant and baby made from clay by my husband.  While he usually likes to do representational art, the clay pods to the right are hand made by him as well.

In the center is a beautiful art piece in steel given to us by a dear friend and art lover, Peg Pink.


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