Goldfish Diaries 08/12/16


I check each egg every morning and observe the miraculous metamorphosis within.

I never knew I could feel this way.

Friday Phrases (#FP) Theme “metamorphosis”

Illustration by Bobbi Bowman@2016 on iPad app “Drawing Pad”


Fox Fun


Cousins playing on the Oregon coast…. Does it get better than that?  Chilly and rainy…but who really cares?  The waves were amazing and at night we could sit across from a row of windows and watch lightening spark behind clouds in the distance.

Year two of our family weekend at the coast (now a tradition).  We rented the same house as last year.  Three generations playing, laughing, enjoying time together.  It was an amazing treat. You can pack a lot into three days and two nights.  Cousins, a staircase, and a slinky….need I say more?


Friday night we celebrated Bryon’s birthday with a huge rice crispy treat 38!


Inside, we had game night and plenty of laughter.


Saturday night was the talent show (followed by pizza).  Each participated.  Mom was the magician’s assistant as pencils were poked through a bag filled with water.  (She also had her own talent, but folks came forward when audience participation was required.)


The cousins took every opportunity to stick together.

Next year’s dates have already been locked in and we got the same house.  Goodbye coastal “home.”  See you next year.

Sunday Comics

The people have spoken…


Created by Patriot

My heart is broken…living in a country that is so keenly divided.  I don’t know how politicians do it – strive so hard so long for what they believe, lose, and then pick themselves up to strive another day.

Yes, I know there were many angry votes cast on each side.  So I must say…there are a lot of people hurting out there. I’m one of them.  But I do believe the people have spoken and there will be a peaceful transference of power – something for which I am thankful.

I fear our present climate has set our clock back decades where a minority feel emboldened to bully or harm people of color, people in the LGBT communities, people who worship different religions, or women who wish to travel from their home to their businesses without being verbally harassed.

We cannot let this stand.

It will take me a while to process everything that has happened in the elections and the part I will play in our next chapter.  Hopefully, I will find the strength to choose hope over bitterness, pick myself up, and strive for “a more perfect union.”