“safe from harm”

The following is a poem by Godistricksy.  I adore the squirrels that dash around our yard and hang upside down to grab seeds from the birdfeeders.  They taunt the neighbor’s cat but play nice with the birds and doves who come to share the back yard bounty.  Hope you enjoy his poem as well.

     safe from harm

i spent

a lazy afternoon

watching squirrels








running corkscrew

rings around ringed

trees flush

with verdant spring,


stopping only

to scratch an itch

or watch a plump

pigeon snoozing.


i wish

i was a squirrel.

tree dancing.

safe from bombsandcarsandknivesandguns.


a silver flash

in the canopy,

watching plump

pigeons snoozing.

via safe from harm — The world according to Godistricksy

The Weather Vane

hahn-1445637_640 (1)

I remember a time when I could juggle countless activities with the agility of a pro.  No matter how (or from where) the wind blew, I could face the new challenge.

The harder the wind would whip the weather vane, the more creative I became.

Over time the wind stilled and the weather vane stopped its movement.

That’s what I thought at first.  But flying scarves, dancing leaves, and the sound of wind chimes told a different story.  It was not the wind, but the weather vane that had changed.  Broken? Rusty? Bent?  Something was wrong.

In the last few months, I have focused so much in one direction that my weather vane had frozen.  Creativity slowed…connections unraveled.

My task at hand is to take a clear look at the weather vane and bit by bit fix its frozen parts.  Oil for rust, hammer for true calibration, and polish for beauty.  This is the job before me.  I prepare myself for the wind and accept the challenge.


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