Sunday Comics

Sunday Comics


It’s about time…


WE NEED A NEW FLOOR !  We have been saying that for the last 8 years but finances and time never really came together.  After our washer flooded the floor recently, it was time. I hate making the kind of decision that you have to “live with” if you make a mistake. It gets my stomach in a knot.

I needed help.  So I sent two samples on twitter and FB and asked for a vote.  I also dragged in as many family members as possible for their feedback as well.  When it voting was added up, it was EXACTLY EQUAL.  Had to laugh.  Although the “why” people said “A” or “B” helped in our final decision.

The company workers arrived in the morning and started moving the utilities.  Seriously, the amount of dirt under the refrigerator…  (Let’s just not talk about that.  But for you out there who move your large appliances to clean under them, I salute you.)

Next came the task of pulling up the old squares.  They had been glued down 15 years ago when my husband had done the floor.  But through the years the squares started lifting, looking dirty, and tripping me from time to time.


Then came the sanding and a light layer to even out everything.  While the floor dried, the vinyl was roughed out in the street (which was a bit unnerving for my husband who had one eye on the traffic and one on the clouds).


Next came the glue, and then the precision work.  It was all done in one day. Wow.

I want to thank those of you who participated in the vote.  The floor looks lovely.  Here’s a before and after snap.