My knee surgery was “out patient” in that I went home after I was awakened.  Once I was open for company, my family came by with treats to cheer me.  E7 drew the above picture.  I appreciate the pink she put in my cheeks.  I might also note that she got the perfect amount of gray in my hair.


N10 and J8 came with roses, Trader Joe’s vanilla meringues, as well as jokes to keep me laughing.

L9 drew two pictures which included a great deal of thought.


The picture above is what NOT to do.  This is a turtle taking its time from where it is now to “done being sick.”  Don’t be like a turtle.


The whole idea is that I was to be like a bunny or a fox (or even a bunny being chased by a fox) and get to the “done being” sick as soon as possible.

All this support for Gma could not have happened if not for my two sons and my daughter-in-laws…each precious and supportive cheerleaders as I improve.

Sunday Comics

Loose Bodies


September 1, I had knee surgery. The surgeon himself stated that the surgery may not help at all.  Arthritis and a torn meniscus were the usual suspects going in.  But I suspected something much worse.

Luckily, the surgeon discovered a dime sized sphere (think marble) of bone in the notch of my knee.  They had to crush the bone to get it out, so the above picture is of a marble.  I carry that marble with me from time to time (especially for physical therapy) to strengthen my resolve.

A few shout outs are in order.  First and foremost, my husband has been amazing…taking over the house and waiting on me: cook, cleaner, masseuse, chauffeur, you name it.  On a scale of 1-10 he’s earned a 17.

Next my family and friends have been great:  Homemade treats, phone calls, keeping me company when I looked my worst (honestly folks, it was horrible) texting, cards, flowers.

And finally, for all those who disparage social media, I stand firmly in the ‘pro-twitter’ camp.  I could reach out to my world wide friends any time day or night.  Not one day went by that I did not get a *hug* a giggle, or something to think about through the phone I kept by my side.  Sometimes a tweet or story would just remind me how good I had it compared to others who were experiencing more pain, either physical or mental.  When I could do little else, I could still reach out with a word of comfort to others.

So, I’m on the mend.  So many to thank….but I fear (like the Academy awards) I can hear the music and am being played off the stage.

Sunday Comics