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What do you do when you learn that the people who put up your house division made a critical building mistake on the construction that would cause dry rot and water damage that would not show up until a few years later?

This happened to my son and daughter-in-law.  A neighbor found the mistake and passed on the news to the rest of the neighbors.  Solving the issues cost a lot of hard work and money.

When you find out your house is in danger…..”Who ya gonna call?  Dad!”


Tom tore the siding off until he removed the dry rot.  Dad showed up with all the tools and lumber one would need to finish the job.  They worked hard together, removing the window, putting it back in the right way, trimming it and putting on new siding.  Took them a few days but they did great work.


Once the job was done, it will need sanding and some new paint.  It will be as good as new (actually better than new).  I sure hope they can find the workers who made the mistake and did the damage to the whole neighborhood.


Father and son…..a good team.



Our oldest turned 39!!  We felt like Oprah… you get a pizza and you get a pizza and you get a pizza.  Bryon introduced HIS kids to “The Last Starfighter” and we all dug into the pizza of our choice.


Ice cream for dessert and the evening was a success.  Cards and gifts were opened and wishes made.


Father and son…a birthday filled with laughter, fun, mugging for the camera and making good memories.


Sunday Comics

Birthday in the Park


Fun and games with the birthday boy turning double digits.  Games, play, costumes, searching for gems, pulled pork sliders and picnic food.  What fun!


The birthday boy and his “crew” prepare for battle.


First game of Kid Kubb goes to the little ones.


“Wind” blows


The “Shadow” knows


“Fire” crackles


“Death” ….scary


Mom and Dad still have the energy to smile after hosting such a full energy bash.


The birthday boy dabs out.

I am Lightening


Birthday party costume — crafting fun

A quick trip though a fabric store (silver material) and a scrapbooking department (for two sheets of glitter paper) was all I needed for this terrifying costume.

I already had the plastic nails (doesn’t everyone), and only needed to paint the nail part silver.


What took the longest was drawing out lightening bolts and cutting them from the two glitter papers stuck together.  I did all sizes of bolts.  Two bolts were connected to a ring, which secured the cape.


Small lightening bolts were taped onto an old bracelet.


The hardest part was making the earrings, which I combined with crystals to add some extra sparkle.


The crowning glory (pun intended) was three bolts punched and woven with a sparkle pipe cleaner around an old plastic tiara.  We all have those lying around, right?

I dressed in black and had a blast (there’s another pun for ya) at the party.

Sunday Comics